Trend Analysis 2019: Attitudes of the Serb Community in Kosovo


Aktiv – 2019

The research was carried out between the 15th of July and the 5th of September of this year by NGO Aktiv in cooperation with RTIV Kim, and surveyed a total of 540 people, with 270 respondents coming from the north and 270 from south of the River Ibar, with a particular focus placed on Northern Kosovo,  Gracanica, Strpce and Kosovsko Pomoravlje.

The document is research that has been carried out by NGO Aktiv for five years in a row, in the goal of identifying the most significant attitudes and perceptions held by Serb community in Kosovo in relation to key social, economic, political and other processes that have a direct or indirect impact on their lives. The data received offers insight into the effects that those processes have on the Serbian community in Kosovo, their needs and priorities, and how they can constitute a valuable source of information for the creation of civil initiatives, strategies and policies on all levels of governance that seek to answer to the tangible needs of the population.

The results of this research can and should become a foundation for those sorts of efforts, whether or not they are development initiatives, social dialogue or even political solutions for certain problems that have for years prevent the normalization of everyday life in Kosovo.

Here you can download the whole document in English language:

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