Training of the Forum Theater Program in Durrës unites youth



18 girls and boys from the Albanian and Serbian community were part of the Forum Theater Program training held on April 15th-18th, 2022 in Durrës/Albania.

Mentored by the artists Zana Hoxha and Edlir Gashi the participants had the opportunity to learn many things about the theater, stage movements, body language, and above all communicating through forum theater performances.
This time in Durrës, the ambiance was different from the other times, creating a safe space for relationships, new acquaintances, while also learning about new culture of this place.

The participants managed to enjoy the beach during the activities (meditation, training and entertainment), and building close relationship with nature and each-other. To break the barriers of judgments while reflecting on their lives, were able to share honestly their experiences with each-other.

The cultural diversity was one of the most important point of the training, where participants were encouraged to speak in their native language, offering simultaneous translation, so they could exchange their culture, and experiences.
What made this training even more special was the youth diversity. They were different ages and professions: students, teachers, businessmen, policemen, lawyers, ages 16-31.

The training ended with the ceremony of discovering “the secret friend”, and the certification of the participants.

This activity is supported by the European Union in Kosovo through the project “Transformation of Conflict Perceptions through Increased Civic and Community Engagement in Kosovo” implemented by Artpolis and the NGO AKTIV as members of the Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation (KCR).

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