The first part of Feminist Spring School 2020



From September 28 to October 1, 2020, the first part of the Feminist Spring School for Kosovo and Serbia 2019 was held in Pristina, with participants, young women from Kosovo and Srbija. Like every year, Feminist Spring School provided a space for young women to unite and create a common vision for the feminist movement in Kosovo and Serbia to combat negative influences as a result of patriarchal systems, and other systems that promotes wars, hates, racism, discrimination, etc. Organized with a different modality than other years, this year, due to protection from Covid-19, young women from Serbia did not travel to Kosovo, but remotely, through the digital platform communicated with young women from Kosovo. Within 4 days, as the school lasted, everyone learned many new things, where solidarity and empowerment were the key words used in this workshop.We thank them for their lectures and discussions: EU special representative: Reyes Charle Cuellar, prof.Vjollca Krasniqi and activists Xhejrane Lokaj, Jeta Krasniqi, Valdete Idrizi, Tijana Simic LaValley, Yllka Soba, Kaltrina Shala and Zana Hoxha.

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