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May, 2020

Incredible times. In just few months, almost the whole humanity got isolated. Inside their own houses. Quite some reflection will be needed to be able to crystalize all the learning and insights we have all gained in these, rather odd times. In meantime, we have heard many reports of the nature reviving, as we, the humans, have been calmer than usual…

By the power of our own fear, in a hostile setting, we are being forced to stay where we truly belong – home. We are re-discovering our freedom from the attachments outside that we have perceived as necessary parts of our days. We are re-discovering the cosiness of the place where we are being obliged to stay. Re-discovering our own duties toward that place. We have been missed, home.

How important in these fragile times to remember those that have lost the luxury of having that safe space called “home”; milions of refugees in camps near the borders, many more IDPs, just not being able to go back home, and massive number of homeless people, all around the world, that have never had such a feeling of belonging to a place. Also to remember those that in such times feel abandoned; at the beginning of the “pandemic panic”, a journalist from Gracanica, central Kosovo, writes:

At a time when almost the entire world is panicking about the spread of the Covid-19, for whom not much is known, my question is: to whom do Serbs from central Kosovo belong? Whom to contact and whom to listen to? In fact, the real question is – is anyone interested in them?

Such a feeling of not belonging is a consequence of longer hostile relations between the governments these ordinary people’s lives are related to; in Prishtina, and in Belgrade. This is a small indicator of the need for relationship-building between the two. Otro mundo es possible; we have discovered in these odd time that, if we invest some will and creativity, it is possible to do many things differently, better.

Sure, this situation will end, and many say that world will not be the same. We don’t know how that will look like, but we do know we will go back outside, and our chaotic rush between the “inner” and the “outer” of our lives, will continue. And let it be so, that is us, the humans; needing a place to call home, yet eager to explore everything outside of that home. But, keep in mind that just because we, the humans, are not disturbing it, the nature is reviving… And also keep in mind – you are not stuck home, you are safe there. Hold on, few more days…

Abdullah b. FERIZI
for KCR. May 2020
Abdullah comes from Mitrovica, lives in Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje, and is engaged in peace work in Kosovo and wider, for the last twenty years.

This publication was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of NGO AKTIV and members of the Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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