A beginning of the work of the Coalition for Reconciliation was solemnly marked today in Prishtina.

The Coalition was established aiming to encourage and support the reconciliation process in Kosovo.

Kosovo Humanitarian Law Center, Aktiv, and Art Polis are the founders of the coalition aiming to improve ethnic relations and at the same time raise awareness on civic initiatives’ participation within communities.

Kosovo Humanitarian Law Centre Executive Director Bekim Blakaj noted they have identified for years the joint values that these organizations share and thus decided to join forces and establish this coalition.

“The collation would be open for cooperation with all other organizations and individuals who identify their values with joint values of the coalition, and I am sure by the time we will get stronger. This project is just the beginning of joint work, and the final aim is to reach sustainable peace and give a contribution to the reconciliation in Kosovo in the future,” Blakaj said.

Aktiv Executive Director Miodrag Milicevic said the only way to reach the level of true reconciliation is to show the readiness to face the past and find the way to open a path towards dialogue, that could lead further to the better society.

Founder and Director of Art Polis Zana Hoxha said this coalition came out naturally, as a synergy of the three organizations that worked for many years not only to achieve inter-ethnic trust but also on building the peace and creating opportunities for cooperation between different communities.

Representatives of embassies, local and international institutions, civil society and the media participated in an event.


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