REUNION – Movie screening

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REUNION –  Movie screening
Documentary movie by: Jon Haukeland,  presented on 22 October, 2020,  Mitrovica Social Club

NGO Aktiv organized a screening of the documentary Reunion, the participants in the screening were young people from the Serbian and Albanian communities.

Steinar Bryn from the Nansen Academy in Lillehammer, who is one of the participants in the film, addressed the audience through livestream from Norway as an introduction to the movie.

The film of director Jon Haukeland is based on previous documentary Before the bombs fell from 1999, on a group of Serbian and Albanian students from Kosovo who met just before the Kosovo war. Ten years later, the participants gather again and for the first time they get to see the film about themselves. It triggers a psychological process in both the winners and losers of the war. Those who were previously victims may seem to have taken on the role of oppressors.

The screening served as the base of an interesting discussion that took place after the movie.

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