Feminist Spring School 2020 – Virtually in the second part


01 – 03.12.2020
From 01 – 03 December 2020 the second part of the spring feminist school was held for Kosovo and Serbia. Unlike previous years when Kosovo girls traveled to Serbia, as a result of Covid-19 this part was only held online, remotely, as a protective measure due to the deteriorating pandemic situation in the region.

For three days in a row, the girls from Kosovo and Serbia, virtually came together to listen to the lectures of wonderful speakers, which managed to keep the interest of the participants until the last minutes of the sessions. Although from a distance the young women – participants were quite interactive looking for information, working in groups and asking very essential questions for the lecturers.

Anita Pantelić, Marijana Stojčić, Marijana Toma and Ajna Jusić were the lecturers who discussed topics such as: “History of women’s position and organizing in the second half of the 20th century in the former Yugoslavia”; “Feminist Approach to Justice: UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and Women’s Court”; “Mechanisms of Transitional Justice”; “Forgotten Children of War” dedicated to children born after their mothers survived sexual violence during the last wars in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The third day session closed with a summarizing impressions, evaluation by the participants who were extremely satisfied with the information exchanged during these 3 days and with the hope that soon this group will meet physically, as promised by the organizers of FSS from Serbia.

A special thanks to the organizers from Alternative Girls’ Centre from Serbia, for their professional work that this meeting went well and the technical obstacles were easily overcome.

The project “Young Women Build Peace in Kosovo and Serbia” is implemented in cooperation with Artpolis-Art and Community Center and the “Alternativni centar za devojke“ while supported by the European Union in Kosovo and foundation Kvinna till Kvinna.


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