Forum Theater Program Training brought together the youth of Kosovo communities from 11.02 –14.02.2022

11.02.2022 –14.02.2022

Many young people from different communities living in Kosovo responded to
the call for training, but only 16 of them were selected to participate and
receive basic theatrical techniques lessons in the culturally diverse city of

Education on theater and human rights, acting, relaxing games, discussions,
physical exercises, improvisation, and many other activities completed the 4
(four) days of training. Walks and companionship between them, even after
training were an integral part of these days. Forum Theater, as a special form
of theater, aroused interest among the participants, because they realized that
this is the best way to raise awareness and address issues of social

“When I speak, now I will look at the other person as a public, so that
I can be understood more easily.”

“I would have changed the duration because this is a small
companionship but the beginning of a great friendship between us.”

“I liked the tolerance and understanding for each other, the peaceful
space we created, the opportunity to be yourself and express the emotions you
did not know you had through different characters.”

“I have learned above all what a theater forum is, many acting skills,
that it is not necessary to speak to say something.”

These were some of the impressions and evaluations from the participants of
the training.

Meanwhile, the participant Fatmir Menekshe says: “Forum Theater Program
Training ‘was one of the trainings that I applied with great pleasure and I
attended with great passion. Apart from learning new things about acting,
theater and forum theater, I socialized with young people who were enthusiastic
about art.”

This activity is supported by the European Union in Kosovo through the
project “Transformation of Conflict Perceptions through Increased Civic
and Community Engagement in Kosovo” implemented by Artpolis and the NGO
AKTIV as members of the Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation (KCR).

NOTE: This activity was conducted in accordance with the “Manual
for protection against the spread of COVID-19 virus” published by the
Ministry of Health, as well as the “Draft Law on Prevention and Combating
the COVID-19 pandemic”.

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