Feminist Spring School 2021 – Second part

4-7 November, 2021.

“Young women building peace” is the motto under which took place the second part of the Feminist Spring School 2021, gathering 18 girls from Kosovo and Serbia from 4-7 November, 2021.

Given the stagnant situation of the dialogue process between Kosovo and Serbia, the recently created tensions between the two countries and the great impact that the situation plays on the daily life of the population of both countries, as well as the effect it all has in their interethnic relations, initiatives like Feminist Spring School undoubtedly play a key role in constructing a narrative without political distortions within the bigger picture of peace building among the citizens of Kosovo and Serbia.

The program of Feminist Spring School is created in such a way that it includes activist and feminist trainers and guests, from Kosovo and Serbia, who present their work to the participating girls. And this year’s program was no exception.

During the four days of our (informal) school / seminar that brought together young women from Kosovo and Serbia we tackled different topics, engaging participants in practical learning processes and exploring more about themselves, their feminist future and the peace building process.

From ‘law and feminism’ to ‘peace and activisms’ to ‘transitional justice and reconciliation’ to ‘women’s contribution in peace and security’ to ‘women’s movement since the 1990s’ to ‘women climbers breaking taboos’ to ‘women at the negotiating table in Kosovo’ were the topics that enriched the program of the second part of the Feminist Spring School 2021.

Well-known names of activists and institutions’ representatives including Nasrin Pourghazian, Ariana Qosaj Mustafa, Valdete Idrizi, Kaltrina Shala, Donika Emini, Igballe Rogova, Mrika Nikçi and Jovana Radosavljevic lectured on the aforementioned topics.

Creating a safe environment for participants to express themselves and enabling them to do it in their own respective language are among the core principles of the Feminist Spring School that of course came to the fore this year as well.

Below we will enumerate some short sentences of evaluation answers to the question “What’s the feeling you are concluding the Feminist Spring School with?”

“Inspired, empowered and loved.” – Valëza

“I am leaving this training highly motivated to work even harder for women and girls.” – Drenueta

“I am leaving with more knowledge about the importance of women’s history and I cannot wait to share this knowledge I have.”- Jelena C.

“If we ever forget how strong and knowledgeable, we are, or because of the circumstances in which we live we are sometimes discouraged, I think that trainings like these remind us of many things and give us courage to continue.”- Saranda

The project “Young Women Build Peace in Kosovo and Serbia” is implemented in cooperation with Artpolis – Art and Community Center and the “Alternativni centar za devojke” while supported by the European Union in Kosovo and Kvinna till Kvinna foundation.


Workshop and Forum Theater Performance “Rokada”


“On 29-31 October in Prizren the Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation organized a Forum Theatre Training workshop with young people from different communities in Kosovo. This workshop is one of the activities under the project 2018/404-549 “Transforming conflicting perceptions through increased civic and community engagement in Kosovo”.

The workshop was held under the mentoring of Filip Pajic, a psychologist and amateur theatre director. 15 young people (9 women and 6 men) from the Albanian and Serbian communities participated. The training was developed with a focus on theatre knowledge, theatrical techniques and improvisation. The main topic covered was the cooperation of young people. How young people should cooperate with each other in order to achieve a common goal, understanding each other, breaking stereotypes and getting to know the differences as a process of reconciliation. The participants responded very well to the training and the commitment was at a high level.

As a result of the training, participants organized Forum Theater performance held on November 5 at the CEC Center in North Mitrovica.

The play focuses on the stereotypes that prevail in Kosovo society and how these stereotypes affect young people.

The story of four young people who were previously in mixed relationships but broke up due to differences in origin and religion, was the topic of the play and the discussion that followed.

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